Sultanov B.T.

Mayor of Nur-Sultan city

Dear friends!

Nur-Sultan is the young, dynamically developing capital of Kazakhstan and the competitive city of Eurasia.

The city is growing rapidly, opening up significant opportunities for investment, introducing new advanced technologies and implementing new ideas.

Accompanying at all stages of the project implementation, incentives for investors, developed infrastructure, effective administrative regulation, developing real estate market, the availability of skilled labor are the benefits that investors can count on.

Our main task is the development of the city as one of the key political, business, cultural and scientific centers of the Eurasian space and the creation of a comfortable urban environment. To achieve it, we look forward to fruitful cooperation with the investment community.

We are always open and ready for a constructive dialogue in all directions. We invite you to invest in the economy of our city!

Welcome to the capital of Kazakhstan - Nur-Sultan!

General indicators

1057 bn. tenge
The amount of investments in fixed assets
256 bn. tenge
The amount of foreign investment in fixed assets
56 %
GVA of small and medium-sized enterprises in GRP
4889 bn. tenge
The amount of output
16 %
The amount of scientific potential of the country concentrated in Astana
14 %
The level of innovative activity of enterprises
40 %
In-demand technical specialists in secondary professional institutions
The official data of the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Success Stories

Manufacture and sale of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages
$80 mln.
Amount of investment
CCI Kazakhstan

«We were one of the first foreign investors in independent Kazakhstan and witnessed the rapid ups and downs that the country’s government has always been successfully managing, taking in time the necessary measures to ensure a rapid and sustainable economic recovery.

I would like to especially note the activity of the Astana Mayor’s Office, which introduces truly effective tools to improve the investment climate of the city and, as a result, the country as a whole.

Astana today is a dynamically developing economic center not only in Kazakhstan, but in the whole region. I congratulate the city on its 20th anniversary and wish it prosperity.»

Ahmet Kursad Ertin, Director General of CCI Kazakhstan